WordPress Test Questions Ch.9-12

Multiple choice test questions for chapters 9-12.

Chapter 9:

  1. Plug-in setting can be found at (page 294)
    a. Top-level items in dashboard menu
    b. Settings menu
    c. Plugins page
    -> d. All of the above
  2. It’s a good idea to install many plug-ins because (page 296)
    a. More plug-ins increases performance
    b. Easier maintenance
    c. Increased security
    -> d. None of the above; it’s not a good idea to have too many plug-ins

Chapter 10:

  1. The [embed] shortcode allows you to add ___ attributes (page 326)
    a. hover
    b. overlay
    -> c. height and width
    d. open in new tab or new window
  2. Using the photo carousel feature, clicking an image brings you to the attachment page. (page 336)
    -> False

Chapter 11:

  1. The WordPress user-role with the highest privilege is (page 370)
    -> a. Administrator
    b. Editor
    c. Author
    d. Creator
  2. A new site is added to a WordPress Multisite from the
    a. Primary site’s post page (page 403)
    -> b. Network Admin dashboard
    c. Using the cPanel
    d. New sites must be created individually

Chapter 12:

  1. Sharing buttons can not be removed from individual posts/pages (page 417)
    -> False
  2. A site feed is a relatively new web feature (page 433)
    -> False

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