WordPress Test Questions

Multiple choice test questions for chapters 4-8.

Chapter 4:

  1. What can be added to the end of your WordPress website address to access the dashboard? (page 86)
    a. /WP-Admin
    -> b. /wp-admin
    c. /admin-wp
    d. /dashboard
  2. _____ can be thought of as the “fundamental grouping” of posts, and _____ as a “searching convenience.” (page 114)
    a. tags, categories
    b. posts, pages
    -> c. categories, tags
    d. the homepage, tag-cloud

Chapter 5:

  1. The web programming language WordPress uses to deliver dynamic content is (page 132)
    a. HTML
    b. JavaScript
    -> c. PHP
    d. Python
  2. Self-hosted WordPress sites come with over 250 themes pre-installed. (page 138)
    -> False

Chapter 6:

  1. In the post editing area, which key(s) do you press to begin a new line without starting a new paragraph? (page 173)
    -> a. shift+enter
    b. ctrl+enter
    c. alt+enter
    d. enter
  2. Which of the following is a proper Nextpage quicktag? (page 198)
    a. <nextpage />
    -> b. <!–nextpage–>
    c. <–nextpage–!>
    d. !nextpage

Chapter 7:

  1. If you want to show a small group of chosen pages, instead of most or all pages, use a _____. (page 214)
    a. pages widget
    -> b. custom menu
    c. automatic menu
    d. tag-cloud
  2. All WordPress themes only support one menu. (page 226)
    -> False

Chapter 8:

  1. The Comments page on the dashboard is NOT the only place where you can review comments. (page 251)
    -> True
  2. The “best compromise” spam fighting solution is (page 274)
    -> a. using Akismet or another spam-catching plug-in
    b. forcing commenters to log in
    c. using moderation
    d. forbidding all comments

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